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21st Century African Reality 

1 – Infrastructure development

Africa’s infrastructure needs remain significant. The continent only invests 4% of GDP in infrastructure, compared to 14% in China. By bridging its infrastructure deficit, Africa could accelerate its GDP growth by 2 percentage points per year. Black Lion has made significant contributions to the development of infrastructure in Africa, and tens of millions of Africans are now in a better position thanks to their investments in transportation, energy and water. Black Lion intends to significantly strengthen infrastructure financing on the continent – not only through its own funding mechanisms, but also by leveraging its financial resources.

2 – Regional economic integration

Integration is essential if Africa is to fully realize its growth potential, participate in the global economy and enjoy the benefits of an increasingly interconnected global market. This possibility is seriously limited by the fact that there are 54 individual countries that often lack the physical and economic means to act in concert. Black Lion is well positioned to play a leading role in promoting Africa’s economic integration with a view to creating wider and more attractive markets, linking landlocked countries, including fragile Markets and to support intra-African trade.

3 – Private sector development

The dynamics of wealth creation and employment in Africa and a number of tasks for governments are increasingly dependent on private rather than public funds. By working directly and indirectly with governments, Black Lion will continue to be an increasingly active partner and facilitator of private investment in Africa. By providing financial assistance and technical assistance and advisory services, it will design activities that respond to the needs, opportunities and challenges of the private sector. It will focus on the development of African entrepreneurship, help eliminate the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs, and support the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthening the financial sector will stimulate micro-enterprise and SME lending, help develop local capital markets, promote better governance and risk management of financial institutions and promote the adoption and application of standards And financial regulations.

4 – Qualifications and technologies

Unemployment is far too high throughout Africa, especially among young people. To improve the supply of skilled workers, Black Lion will strengthen support for technical and vocational training related to specific needs in the labor market. The aim is to ensure that young people acquire the skills required for the formal and informal sectors, including skills to create small enterprises.
Demographic growth, mostly represented by African Youth, can be an asset as it can also be a fatal weapon if the problems that these young people do are not resolved.

5 – Inclusive Growth

The primary and fundamental objective is to achieve more inclusive growth, not merely through equal treatment and opportunities, but by deep reductions in poverty and a massive and corresponding increase in employment. By harnessing the continent’s vast potential – and improving its chances of benefiting from the demographic dividend – inclusive growth will lead to prosperity by broadening the economic base that transcends age, gender and economic barriers. The geographic location. Black Lion will invest in infrastructure that unleashes the potential of the private sector, promoting gender equality and community participation. It will help to improve skills needed for competitiveness and ensure that these skills better correspond to the opportunities and needs of local labor markets.

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