Black Lion Strategic Advisory Services                         



We provide independent advice on matters of strategic importance.




• Detailed review and assessment of market opportunity, product, story, team and track record

• Position offering to maximize investor appeal by carefully articulating investment highlights

• Collaborative preparation and review of marketing materials, including PPM, presentation and one page teaser

• Assist in organizing data room to streamline investor due diligence process including making reference calls

• Develop road show blueprint and marketing timetable

• Leverage key relationships to test key themes prior to launch




• Identify and qualify focused list of investors, starting with larger investors

• Distribute one page teaser or PPM to investors

• Schedule meetings and coordinate road shows

• Ensure clients are prepared for meetings with background on investors’ focus and process

• Provide follow up information to investors and assist through their due diligence

• Keep clients and investors updated with material developments




• Assist in the negotiations of closing documents

• Advise on issues related to allocations and terms

• Finalize commitments and work with clients and investors to close each transaction as needed




• Dedicated, senior team collectively manages each phase of the process and provides hands-on execution

• Partner with a limited number of funds enabling a customized service with intense focus for each client

• Create a customized campaign for building fundraising momentum, unlike the typical ‘carpet bombing’ approach by placement agents


Our team will serve as an extension of our client, providing guidance and counsel as needed.




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