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Our Leadership

We are the Generation that will Empower Africa to Rise to its Maximum Potential.


Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan, is a native of the African Continent, a son of Dahomey (present day Benin and Togo), the Kingdom founded by some of his ancestors 700 years ago.

Prince Randy Koussou Alam-Sogan is a Tribal Prince of the Kingdom of Dahomey (current day Republic of Benin) with mixed culture from the Nations of Benin and Togo (West Africa) with part ancestry from Lebanon and Egypt.

He is the Chairman & Chief Investment Strategist of the Black Lion Holdings Group, a Pan-African Investment Advisory Firm.

  • Black Lion assists global investors identify investment opportunities and make profits in Africa’s growth markets.
  • Black Lion advises and assist African governments and businesses in securing financial investment solutions for their projects.
  • Black Lion lobbies national, regional and international Influence Groups to defend and protect Africa’s socioeconomic and geopolitical interests.

Black Lion primarily structures and engineers financial solutions for medium to large private sector companies or public institutions and governments across Africa. Black Lion is currently active in 25 African Countries, is staffed by 50 associates and partners and 256 consultants. Black Lion manages over 200 Investment Deals and Assets in a diverse range of industries.

His philanthropic activities include the founding of “Child of the Universe” project: building and improving all Public-School Infrastructure & Systems in Africa by 2030.

Prince Randy has featured on Forbes Africa (French Edition 2013) as the $100 Million Man and made several appearances on Channel France 24, RFI, Le Monde, and regularly takes part in various forums and conferences discussing major African issues in geo-strategy, political climate, socio-economic growth and investments.

Prince Randy’s Vision is to contribute to the economic transformation of the African Continent into a World Superpower while improving the lives of our most important capital, the African People.

Prince Randy is a double French and Benin citizen based in Paris, France and Cotonou, Benin. He was educated in France, the USA and Singapore.