Black Lion's Vision & Mission                           



5 Pillars of Black Lion Investments Holdings Engagement:


  • Promote Africa as the best investment destination to global investors communities 
  • Contribute significantly to Africa's soci-economic development through sound and impactful investments
  • Empower the youth and woman as key enablers of econimic growth and wealth creation
  • Participate actively in the shaping of secure and attractive business environment on the African Continent
  • Work with public sector policy makers, business executives, academics and distinguished philanthropists to advance the African Agenda 2063


Black Lion Investments Holdings represents several other private companies, entities and corporations to provide investment opportunities. This is the result of medium to long-term relationships with many of the leading institutional investors around the world. Black Lion has more than 80 associates and partners, including public and corporate pension funds, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Investment Banks, Venture Capitalists, Angels, Private Equity Firms and other investors in 40 countries.


We are instrumental to many companies or individuals in around the World who wish to enter the African Markets, for the many projects opportunities that exist in Africa, the fastest growing set of economies in the World with numerous opportunities. Our reach in Africa and in the G20 Developed and Emerging Economies is very large and our relationships with key government officials and major private sector players globally is of the highest Level.


We work hard and with discipline to provide investment solutions to a broad spectrum of public and private projects in all sectors of industries and services. Combined with the major projects and programme management capabilities we offer across highly regulated industries, we can support our clients and partners from initial idea all the way through to project close out. We provide financial capabilities and investment solutions for companies, governments and PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships).


Black Lion is primarily interested in medium to large projects that have a significant socio-economic impact and a healthy return on investment (ROI/ROE).




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