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Our network

African Knowledge - Global Network

Our clients benefit greatly from our African footprint and global network of investors, project owners, delivery companies.

  • Global investor network including strategic investors, private equity firms, family offices, infrastructure, endowment, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and alternative pools of capital.
  • Ability to build a targeted, customized approach to best suit each transaction.
  • Detailed due diligence procedures that are based upon our deep industry knowledge which allows management teams to focus on running their businesses while we lay the groundwork for a successful process.
  • An unrivalled ability to tell your story due to our deep understanding of your industry and its relevance in Africa.
  • Analytical and thoughtful approach to negotiating the optimal transaction.
  • Team members with both sell-side and buy-side experience who provide a unique perspective on how to structure investments with attributes that investors are seeking.

We customize our distribution strategy for each client, analyzing which strategic or institutional investors would be the most appropriate partners for our clients.

We seek preliminary feedback on market interest through discussions with a limited number of accounts . We then implement either a targeted or broad-based marketing effort, depending on market feedback and client preference.

The Black Lion Team is in regular and ongoing dealings with African Governments, Public Institutions, Medium to Large Private Organizations on one side and with Institutional Investment Firms, Large Funds, Foundations, Investment Banks on the other side, to distribute transactions and provide financing solutions. We know each investors’ focus areas within the Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy sector, and we have the judgment, credibility and experience to close “win-win” investment transactions.

We execute merger, divestiture and acquisition transactions, raise capital through private placements, and provide general strategic advisory services for Sustainable Infrastructure companies and projects.